Invited Speakers

Solid-State Lasers

High-efficiency repetitively-pulsed 2.3-3.2 μm lasers based on Cr2+-doped single-crystalline or polycrystalline chalcogenides with low-quantum-defect pumping

O. Antipov, Inst. of Applied Physics of RAS, Russia

High-power nonmode-locked femtosecond laser sources at GHz repetition rates
E. Cormier, Univ. Bordeaux–IOGS–CNRS, Inst. Univ. de France, France

Burst-mode fiber lasers
Ö. Ilday, Bilkent Univ., Turkey

High-Power Ultrafast Industrial Thin-Disk Lasers
P. Kroetz, TRUMPF Scientific Lasers GmbH + Co. KG, Germany

Near-infrared femtosecond direct laser written waveguide lasers
P. Loiko, CIMAP, Univ. de Caen, France

A high-average-power, 1.5/3.2-µm OPCPA driver for a high-flux soft X-ray beamline and attosecond strong-field spectroscopy
M. Mero, MBI, Germany

"Vilnius OPCPA scheme" and progress on the way to 15 TW, CEP-stable sub-6.5fs SYLOS-2 system
A. Michailovas, EKSPLA, Lithuania

Towards 100 TW, sub-5-fs, CEP-stable optical parametric synthesizer for attosecond and laser-plasma physics
L. Veisz, Umea, Sweden

High Power Lasers: Fiber, Solid State, Gas and Hybrid

New kinetic data for processes with excited oxygen and iodine molecules
V. Azyazov
, Samara Branch of the Lebedev Physical Inst. RAS, Russia

Experimental and Theoretical Studies of the Diode Pumped Alkali Lasers

B. Barmashenko, Ben-Gurion Univ. of the Negev, Israel

Deformable mirrors for high-power lasers
A. Kudryashov, Inst. of Geospheres Dynamics RAS, Russia

40 TW laser system in the visible spectrum range
V.F. Losev, Inst. of High Current Electronics SB RAS, Russia

High-power ultrafast thin-disk lasers for Terahertz science
C. Saraceno, Ruhr Univ. Bochum, Germany

Laser technologies for interferometric gravitational wave detectors developed by IAP RAS
A.V. Starobor, Inst. of Applied Physics RAS, Russia

Semiconductor Lasers, Materials and Applications

Highly nonlinear metasurfaces based on intersubband polaritons
M. Belkin, Technical Univ. of Munich, Germany

Hybrid Lasers for Spectroscopy
L. O’Faolain, Cork Inst. of Technology, Ireland

Quantum Dot Materials as the Enabling Approach for Compact Terahertz Setups
A. Gorodetsky, ITMO Univ., Russia

Advances in III-V/Si photonic integration technology

M. Guina, Tampere Technical Univ., Finland

Hybrid solutions for the advanced high power laser technologies
R. Gumenyuk, Tampere Technical Univ., Finland

Purcell effect in plasmonic metamaterial structures
M. A. Kaliteevski, Alferov Univ., Russia

Self-injected mode locked lasers for frequency comb generation and application to multi-Terabit/s data transmission
K. Merghem, Inst. Polytechnique de Paris, France

Mid-IR and THz Stimulated Emission in HgCdTe QW Heterostructures with Dielectric and Phonon Waveguides
S. V. Morozov, Inst. for Physics of Microstructures of RAS, Russia

Revival of laser materials with new pump diodes

B. Resan, Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz (FHNW), Switzerland

Frequency conversions and coherent light controlling by means of periodically poled crystals
V. Ya. Shur, Ural Federal Univ., Russia

VCSEL packaging in flexible carriers for interconnects, sensing and imaging
G. Van Steenberge, Gent Univ., Belgium

Noise properties of gigahertz frequency combs
T. Südmeyer, Univ. de Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Laser Beam Control

Polymer-based 1D photonic crystals for optical switching
I.M. Kislyakov
, Shanghai Inst. of Optics and Fine Mechanics, CAS, China

Photonic hook – a new sub-wavelength-scale self-bending light beam
I.V. Minin, O.V. Minin, Tomsk Politechnical Univ., Tomsk State Univ., Russia

A broadband lithium niobate integrated optical modulators: advances and perspectives
V.M. Petrov 1, A.V. Shamrai 2; 1- ITMO Univ., 2- Ioffe Inst., Russia

Controlling light with DMDs
V. Rodriguez-Fajardo, Univ. of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

Super-Intense Light Fields and Ultra-Fast Processes

Laser-triggered generation of charge wave and related phenomena
A. Brantov, V.Bychenkov, Lebedev Phisical Inst. RAS, Russia

QED effects in ultrafast laser-matter interactions near the PetaWatt power level
Zs. Lecz, ELI-ALPS, ELI-HU Nonprofit Ltd., Hungary

Towards single-cycle relativistic optics at high repetition rate
R. Lopez-Martens, CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique, ENSTA Paris, Inst. Polytechnique de Paris, Palaiseau, France

Collective absorption of laser radiation in plasma at sub-relativistic intensities
V. Tikhonchuk, CELIA, France

Ultrafast transient optical and structural property modifications induced by ultrashort intense light pulses at XUV wavelengths
U. Teubner, Inst. f. Laser und Optik, Hochschule Emden/Leer-Univ. of Applied Sciences, Emden, Germany

Relativistic laser solid interaction with tailored preplasma: electron acceleration & gamma emission
A. Savel’ev, Moscow State Univ., Russia

Lasers and Systems for Imaging, Green Photonics and Sustainability

Lidar profiling of biological targets
M. Brydegaard, Lund Univ., Sweden

Morpho-mechanics of human collagen unveiled by correlative optical microscopy
R. Cicchi, National Inst. of Optics, National Research Council, Sesto Fiorentino, Italy &
European Lab. for Non-linear Spectroscopy (LENS), Italy

Effects of focused NIR lasers on cell behavior and cell membrane
R. Avila, CFATA - UNAM Campus Juriquilla, México

High-throughput live imaging using Light sheet microscopy
E. Gualda, ICFO, Spain

Lasers for airborne and spaceborne Lidar missions at Fraunhofer ILT
M. Hoefer, Fraunhofer Inst. for Laser Technology, Germany

Multi-species emitters and differential absorption Lidars for green-house gases monitoring
M. Raybaut, Office National d'Etudes et de Recherches Aérospatiales (ONERA), France

On the spectroscopic properties of plants and the assignment of Vegetation Indices to specific crops
E. Solarte, Univ. del Valle, Colombia

Free Electron Lasers

HIgh-resolution X-ray phase-contrast imaging of plasma hydrodynamics
phenomena with XFEL probe
S. Pikuz, Joint Inst. for High Temperature RAS, Russia

Nonlinear Photonics: Fundamentals and Applications

Light beam and soliton dynamics in quadratically nonlinear waveguides with gain and loss
F. Abdullaev, Physical-Technical Inst., Uzbekistan

Self-induced transparency mode-locking: towards to single-cycle pulses
R. Arkhipov, St.-Petersburg State Univ., Russia

Dirac-like photonic lattices: from pseudospin to topology
Zh. Chen, Tianjin, China

Advances in THz generation by nonlinear metasurfaces
T. Ellenbogen, Tel Aviv, Israel

Integrated optical neurophotonic chip for universal computing
A. Fratalocchi, KAUST, Saudi Arabia

Giant Kerr nonlinearity, slow-light bullets & vortices, and their active manipulation in Rydberg atomic gases
G. Huang, East China Normal Univ., China

The nonlinearity of the refractive index of condensed matter in the terahertz spectral range.
S. Kozlov, ITMO Univ., Russia

Transformation of the orbital and spin parts of the angular momentum of laser beams in the course of their interaction in nonlinear gyrotropic media in the framework of classical electrodynamics
V. Makarov, Moscow State Univ., Russia

Optical Wave Turbulence
S. Nazarenko, Univ. Cote D’Azur, Nice, France

Nonlinear optical interactions of topological plasmons in graphene metasurfaces
N.C. Panoiu, Univ. College London, UK

Tailored light generation in nonlinear metasurfaces
T. Pertsch, Univ. Jena, Germany

Terahertz photonics of dense medium: from gas to liquid
A. Shkurinov, Moscow State Univ., Russia

A journey from the Kerr to Chi_2 frequency combs in microresonators
D. Skryabin, Univ. Bath, UK

Gain-through-losses in nonlinear fibers: controlled instabilities and tunable frequency combs
K. Staliunas, Inst. Catalana de Recerca iEstudis Avancats, Univ. Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain

Nonlinear stage of modulational instability: towards global understanding

S. Trillo, Ferrara, Italy

Topological solitons in lasers and laser media with saturable absorption
N. Veretenov, Ioffe Inst., Russia

Symmetry breaking of solitons in parity-time-symmetric optical systems
J. Yang, Univ. of Vermont, USA

New nonlinear multimode fiber phenomena
M. Zitelli, Sapienza Univ. di Roma, Italy

Optical Nanomaterials

Composition dependence of the wurtzite-zinc blende crystal phases in InGaAs nanowires
J. Johansson, Lund Univ., Sweden

Nonlinear and Quantum Integrated Optics

Nonlinear self-guiding in biological suspensions
Z. Chen, San Francisco State Univ., USA

Generation and manipulation of high dimensional quantum states of light with AlGaAs chips
S. Ducci, Univ. Paris Diderot, France

Chasing Dissipative Light-Bullets in Vertical External-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers
M. Giudici, Univ. Côte d'Azur, Inst. de Physique de Nice, France

Nonlinear dielectric metasurfaces for imaging and quantum applications
A. Sukhorukov, Australian National Univ., Australia

Silicon core fibres for integrated nonlinear photonics
A. Peacock, Univ. Southampton, UK

Quadratic optical frequency combs: towards a new platform for multi-octave microcombs
S. Wabnitz, Sapienza Univ. di Roma, Italy

6th International Symposium on Lasers in Medicine and Biophotonics