Solid State Lasers
Ultrafast • Mid-IR • CW and pulsed • Compact sources • Emerging applications • Guided wave lasers • Fiber lasers (excluding high power) • Tunable lasers • Parametric amplifiers • Visible and UV lasers

High Power Lasers: Fiber, Solid State, Gas and Hybrid
Advances in high-power fiber, solid state, gas and hybrid lasers • High-power laser architectures including hybrid systems • Novel optical materials for high power applications and systems • Thermal and thermo-optical effects in lasers • High power fiber lasers including multichannel systems • Fusion lasers and terawatt science • CO2/CO lasers • Iodine lasers • Chemical lasers • Excimer lasers • Alkali vapor lasers

Semiconductor Lasers, Materials and Applications
Quantum-well, wire, dash and dot lasers and devices • Laser dynamics • MID-IR and Quantum Cascade lasers • Ultrashort pulse lasers • VCSELs and superlattice structures • Semiconductor disk lasers • UV and visible diode lasers and LEDs • Compact THz sources and applications • Nonlinear phenomena • Silicon photonics • Group IV Photonics • Novel semiconductor-based devices and applications • Biophotonics and emerging applications

Laser Beam Control
Wavefront correction • Adaptive optics • Phase conjugation • Dynamic holography • Laser cavities • Stabilization and control of laser beam direction • Laser imaging • Coherent and non-coherent summation of laser beams • Singular laser optics • Optical limiting • Optical and laser elements based on nanostructured materials • Optics and electrooptics of liquid crystals

Super-Intense Light Fields and Ultra-Fast Processes
Generation of high-power, super short pulses • Problems of «Fast Ignition» for the ICF • Laser plasma X-ray sources • Fast particle generation and acceleration by laser pulses • Femtosecond laser technology and applications • Physics of ultrafast phenomena • Ultrafast devices and measurements

Lasers and Systems for Imaging, Green Photonics and Sustainability
Remote and point sensing, including water and food safety monitoring • Ground, air, and space-borne LIDARs for vegetation, greenhouse gasses, wind measurements • Vehicle, aircraft, and spacecraft safety, including guide-star systems • Solar energy harvesting • Photochemistry and photobiology • Novel plasmon based sensors and lab-on-chip devices • Single molecule imaging • Super resolution microscopy • Multimodal and multi-scale imaging • Hyperspectral imaging • Mesoscopic imaging • Adaptive optics-based imaging • Novel imaging systems, reconstruction and processing algorithms

Free Electron Lasers
X-ray and other free electron lasers (FELs) • theory of FEL radiation • Linear electron accelerators • Undulators • Optics at photon-beam transport systems • Electron- and photon-beam diagnostics • Photon detectors • Data acquisition systems • Experimental stations and science at FELs

Nonlinear Photonics: Fundamentals and Applications
Self-focusing, collapse, and applications • Conservative and dissipative optical spatial solitons • Nonlinear optics with structured light, optical vortices • Self-modulation and nonlinear temporal effects • Supercontinuum and frequency comb generation • Fiber optics and telecommunications • Nonlinear nanophotonics and plasmonics • Nonlinear meta-optics and metamaterials • Nonlinear optical devices, including microresonators, waveguides, and PT-symmetric systems • Nonlinear topological photonics • Nonlinear photonics with surfaces and interfaces • Nonlinear THz optics
Optical Nanomaterials
Modeling of nanostructures • Advanced methods of nanostructure synthesis • One-dimensional growth of semiconductor nanowires • Wide band gap nanostructures • Epitaxial quantum dots and related structures • Nanostructures for single photon devices • Nanostructures for THz radiation • Nanostructures for solar cells • Microcavities and photonic crystals • Hybrid nanostructures with pre-defined properties

Nonlinear and Quantum Integrated Optics
Chip-based nonlinear optics, frequency mixing processes, nonlinear dynamics, supercontinuum generation •Novel materials for optical gain and frequency conversion • Optical storage and quantum memories • Quantum optics in cavities • Generation and control of entanglement, squeezed states and other non-classical states of light • Quantum imaging and quantum metrology • Ultrafast phenomena, ultrafast measurements • Frequency combs and optical clock • Slow and fast light • Single-photon nonlinear optics • Optical data processing • Quantum computing and communication • Integrated optical resonators & applications • Raman and Brillouin Scattering & applications

Section A. Advanced laser medical systems and technologies

New medical applications and advanced laser medical systems for  ophthalmology, dermatology, urology, endoscopic and microsurgery, dentistry and other specialties

Section B. Laser interaction with cells and tissues: clinical imaging and spectroscopy

Optical clearing and light transport in cells and tissues • Laser trapping and manipulation of biological particles • Nonlinear interactions of light and tissues • Speckle phenomena in tissues • Quantification and imaging of cells, blood and lymph flows • Terahertz waves interaction with cells and tissues • Autofluorescence and photodynamic diagnosis • Optical coherence tomography and diffuse optical imaging • New developments in non-invasive optical technologies • Laser microscopy and spectroscopy of tissues

Section C.  Photonics and nanobiotechnology

Analytical biophotonics, chemical and biosensing principles and instrumentation, nanomaterials, methods and systems for diagnostics and therapy

Section D.  Photodynamic processes in biology and medicine

Photosensitizers for biology and medicine • Direct optical single oxygen generation • Photodynamic therapy • Photothermal action of laser radiation on bio-objects • Protection of organs and tissues against powerful and laser radiation • Photodynamic diagnosis • New photosensitizers for theranostics • Photodynamic action on pathogenic microflora

Section E. Nanophototheranostics

Laser radiation interaction with nanophotosensitizers • Spectral and luminescent properties of nanophotosensitizers • Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of nanophotosensitizers • Influence of the microenvironment on the nanophotosensitizers optical properties • Fluorescence diagnostics in vivo using nanophotosensitizers • Photodynamic therapy and hyperthermia with nanophotosensitizers, crystalline organic nanophotosensitizers, rare-earth-doped nanophotosensitizers • Bioimaging using nanophotosensitizers


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