Solid State Lasers

Ultrafast • Mid-IR • CW and pulsed • Compact sources • Emerging applications • Guided wave lasers • Fiber lasers (excluding high power) • Tunable lasers • Parametric amplifiers • Visible and UV lasers


High Power Lasers: Fiber, Solid State, Gas and Hybrid

Advances in high-power fiber, solid state, gas and hybrid lasers • High-power laser architectures including hybrid systems • Novel optical materials for high power applications and systems • Thermal and thermo-optical effects in lasers • High power multichannel laser systems • Fusion lasers and terawatt science • CO2/CO lasers • Iodine lasers • Chemical lasers • Excimer lasers • Alkali vapor lasers


Semiconductor Lasers, Materials and Applications

Quantum-well, wire, dash and dot lasers and devices • Laser dynamics • MID-IR and Quantum Cascade lasers • Ultrashort pulse lasers • VCSELs and superlattice structures • Semiconductor disk lasers • UV and visible diode lasers and LEDs • Compact THz sources and applications • Nonlinear phenomena • Silicon photonics • Group IV Photonics • Novel semiconductor-based devices and applications • Biophotonics and emerging applications


Laser Beam Control

Wavefront correction • Adaptive optics • Phase conjugation • Dynamic holography • Holographic optical elements • Laser cavities • Stabilization and control of laser beam direction • Laser imaging • Coherent and non-coherent summation of laser beams • Singular laser optics • Structured light • Optical limiting • Optical and laser elements based on nanostructured materials • Optics and electrooptics of liquid crystals


Super-Intense Light Fields and Ultra-Fast Processes

Generation of high-power, super short pulses • Problems of «Fast Ignition» for the ICF • Laser plasma X-ray sources • Fast particle generation and acceleration by laser pulses • Femtosecond laser technology and applications • Physics of ultrafast phenomena • Ultrafast devices and measurements


Lasers and Systems for Imaging, Green Photonics and Sustainability

Remote and point sensing, including water and food safety monitoring • Ground, air, and space-borne LIDARs for vegetation, greenhouse gasses, wind measurements • Vehicle, aircraft, and spacecraft safety, including guide-star systems • Solar energy harvesting • Photochemistry and photobiology • Novel plasmon based sensors and lab-on-chip devices • Single molecule imaging • Super resolution microscopy • Multimodal and multi-scale imaging • Hyperspectral imaging • Mesoscopic imaging • Adaptive optics-based imaging • Novel imaging systems, reconstruction and processing algorithms


Free Electron Lasers

X-ray and other free electron lasers (FELs) • Theory of FEL radiation • Linear electron accelerators • Undulators • Optics at photon-beam transport systems • Electron- and photon-beam diagnostics • Photon detectors • Data acquisition systems • Experimental stations and science at FELs


Nonlinear Photonics: Fundamentals and Applications

Self-focusing, collapse, and applications • Conservative and dissipative optical spatial solitons • Nonlinear optics with structured light, optical vortices • Self-modulation and nonlinear temporal effects • Supercontinuum and frequency comb generation • Fiber optics and telecommunications • Machine learning • Nonlinear nanophotonics and plasmonics • Nonlinear meta-optics and metamaterials • Nonlinear optical devices, including microresonators, waveguides, and PT-symmetric systems • Nonlinear topological photonics • Topological lasers • Nonlinear photonics with surfaces and interfaces • Polariton condensates • Nonlinear THz optics


Optical Nanomaterials

Modeling of nanostructures • Advanced methods of nanostructure synthesis • One-dimensional growth of semiconductor nanowires • Wide band gap nanostructures • Epitaxial quantum dots and related structures • Nanostructures for single photon devices • Nanostructures for THz radiation • Nanostructures for solar cells • Microcavities and photonic crystals • Hybrid nanostructures with pre-defined properties


Nonlinear and Quantum Photonics in Waveguide Systems

Chip- and fiber-based nonlinear optics, frequency mixing processes, nonlinear dynamics, supercontinuum generation • Novel materials for optical gain and frequency  conversion • Optical storage and quantum memories • Quantum optics in cavities • Generation and control of entanglement and non-classical states of light • Quantum  imaging and quantum metrology • Ultrafast phenomena, ultrafast measurements • Frequency combs and optical clocks • Single-photon nonlinear optics • Optical data  processing • Quantum computing and communication • Integrated optical resonators & applications • Raman and Brillouin Scattering & applications • Multimode integrated  and fiber-based devices and systems • Applications of artificial intelligence in nonlinear photonics • Machine learning in integrated and/or fiber-based systems



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